Zed Candy Strawberry Gumball 150pcs 1kg

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Product Description

Zed Candy Strawberry Gumball, a delightful treat presented in a 1kg bag containing 150 eye-catching, eye-shaped gumballs. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, these flavorful gumballs offer a burst of strawberry goodness with every chew.

Deliciously Eye-Catching: The Zed Eye Ball Candy Gum Bag is a visual delight, featuring individually wrapped eye-shaped gumballs that are as tasty as they are fun. With 1kg of these eye-catching treats, you’ll have a sweet supply for various occasions.

Perfect for Any Occasion: Ideal for parties, Halloween festivities, or as a fun snack at home, these gumballs bring joy to every moment. The individually wrapped candies ensure both freshness and hygiene, making them a delightful and convenient choice for any event.

Contrast of Textures: Enjoy the delightful contrast of textures as you bite into the hard exterior of these gumballs, revealing a soft and chewy center that intensifies the flavor experience. Each gumball is a perfect balance of crunch and chew