Bazooka Rattlerz Sour Chewy Candies 180g

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Product Description

Bazooka Sour Chewy Candies are a delicious and tangy treat that will satisfy your sour candy cravings. Each package contains a generous amount of individually wrapped candies, making them perfect for snacking or sharing with others. These chewy candies have a vibrant and eye-catching appearance with their assorted colors. They offer a tantalizing combination of sweet and sour flavors that will awaken your taste buds. The sour coating on the outside provides an initial burst of tanginess, followed by a sweet and chewy center that keeps you coming back for more. Bazooka is a well-known confectionery brand recognized for its flavorful and fun candies, and their Sour Chewy Candies are a popular choice among sour candy enthusiasts. They are made with quality ingredients to ensure a delightful taste and a satisfying chewy texture.