Luppo Choco 24x40g

1.850 KWD

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Product Description

Luppo Choco is a delicious dessert consisting of individual cakes filled with a luscious chocolate cream and covered with a layer of smooth milk chocolate. This package contains 24 cakes, each weighing 40g. The cake is tender and moist, offering a delightful combination of buttery flavor and a hint of sweetness. It serves as the perfect base for the indulgent chocolate cream filling. The chocolate cream is rich and velvety, providing a burst of intense chocolate flavor that harmonizes with the cake. To elevate the taste and texture, the entire cake is generously coated with a layer of milk chocolate. The milk chocolate adds a creamy and smooth touch, creating a satisfying contrast with the cake and filling. It enhances the overall sweetness and richness of the dessert, making it a truly irresistible treat. The individual packaging ensures freshness and convenience, allowing you to enjoy these delectable cakes whenever you desire.