Grand Ferrero Rocher Gift Ball 125g

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Grand Ferrero Rocher Gift Ball 125g

Indulge in the sheer luxury of the Grand Ferrero Rocher Gift Ball, a sumptuous confection that transforms any occasion into a celebration of opulence. Weighing 125g, this exquisite treat is encased in delightful wrapping, adorned with a decorative bow that exudes a sense of elegance and festivity. The iconic “pirottino” paper cup cradles the decadent chocolate sphere, adding a touch of sophistication to the presentation.

Unveil the magic within as you savor the richness of the finest ingredients. Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of milk chocolate, meticulously crafted from a blend of sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skim milk powder, anhydrous milk fat, and enriched with the smooth essence of soy and/or sunflower lecithin. The sublime sweetness is complemented by the luscious crunch of hazelnuts, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds.


Ferrero Rocher