Kent Jelibon Sour Patch Karpuz 40g

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Product Description

Kent Jelibon Sour Patch Karpuz is a tasty confectionery product that combines the sweet and sour flavors of watermelon. Each package of Kent Jelibon Sour Patch Karpuz weighs approximately 40 grams. Inside the package, you will find individual watermelon-shaped gummy candies with a sour sugar coating. These candies offer a unique taste experience, starting with a burst of tangy and sour flavor followed by a sweet watermelon taste. Kent Jelibon Sour Patch Karpuz is loved for its mouth-puckering sourness, which adds an exciting twist to the classic watermelon flavor. The combination of sweet and sour creates a delightful balance that makes these gummy candies a popular choice among candy enthusiasts. The bite-sized watermelon candies are soft and chewy, making them enjoyable to eat. They are perfect for satisfying your sweet and sour cravings, sharing with friends, or enjoying as a treat on the go.