Farkhondeh Digestive Whole Wheet Biscuit 30g

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Farkhondeh 3 pieces whole wheat biscuit with Sabous mold is one of the tasty and tonic biscuits of this company and a complete snack. Whole wheat biscuit is high in fiber, which is why consuming Farkhondeh whole wheat biscuits will make you feel full for a longer time, while the bran in this biscuit will supply your body with a lot of water. We suggest you do not miss this whole biscuit.

Each 5 pieces of Farkhondeh 3 pieces whole wheat biscuits has only 226.4 kcal of energy.

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Farkhondeh Digestive Whole Wheat Biscuit 30g – The Perfect Blend of Taste and Nutrition

Elevate your snacking experience with Farkhondeh Digestive Whole Wheat Biscuit 30g, a delightful combination of flavor and wellness meticulously crafted to cater to your discerning palate and nutritional needs.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Ingredients: Each biscuit is made from the finest whole wheat, chosen for its superior nutritional content and exceptional taste profile. Every bite is a testimony to the dedication we put into selecting only the best ingredients.
  • Wholesome Nutrition: Farkhondeh Digestive Whole Wheat Biscuits are infused with the goodness of whole grains, ensuring you receive a dose of essential nutrients and dietary fiber with every serving. This aids in promoting a healthy digestive system and sustained energy levels.
  • Deliciously Flavorful: Our master bakers have perfected the art of blending whole wheat with a hint of natural sweetness, resulting in a biscuit that tantalizes your taste buds while still maintaining its wholesome appeal.
  • Versatile Snacking: Whether enjoyed on its own, paired with a cup of your favorite beverage, or even as a base for creative toppings, Farkhondeh Digestive Whole Wheat Biscuit 30g is a versatile snack suitable for various occasions.
  • Portion Control Convenience: Each conveniently sized 30g pack is portioned for on-the-go snacking, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a nutritious and satisfying treat during a busy day.