Kitco Nice Black Truffle 110g

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Kitco Nice Black Truffle 110g

Experience the luxurious taste of black truffles infused into every crisp with Kitco Nice Black Truffle Potato Chips 110g. Crafted with care and precision, these chips offer a delectable blend of premium ingredients, including potatoes, vegetable oil, refined palmolein, and natural black truffle flavor, to deliver a snack sensation that’s both indulgent and satisfying.

  1. Irresistible Truffle Infusion: Dive into a realm of decadence with each bite as the rich, earthy essence of black truffles tantalizes your taste buds. Kitco Nice Black Truffle Potato Chips are infused with natural black truffle flavor, ensuring a gourmet snacking experience that’s second to none.
  2. Premium Ingredients: Made with high-quality potatoes and vegetable oil, combined with refined palmolein for optimal texture and taste, these chips are a testament to our commitment to superior quality and flavor. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure maximum enjoyment with every crunch.