Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate 6 tea Cakes 6x24g

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Product Description

Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes, a classic treat that combines a delicious biscuit base, fluffy marshmallows, and a generous coating of real milk chocolate. This pack contains 6 tea cakes, each weighing 24g, providing you with a delightful and satisfying treat.

The unique combination of textures and flavors makes Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes a beloved choice for sweet enthusiasts. The crisp biscuit base provides a satisfying crunch, while the soft marshmallow layer adds a delightful chewiness. The whole treat is then enveloped in rich and smooth real milk chocolate, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness.

Tunnock’s is committed to using certified sustainable palm oil in their vegetable oils and fats, ensuring a more environmentally friendly product. The individual packaging of each tea cake maintains freshness, making them suitable for various occasions, including tea time, dessert, or a sweet snack on the go.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the experience, Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes are a timeless delight that offers a perfect balance of taste and texture. Elevate your sweet moments with this iconic treat from Tunnock’s